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Registry of Experts

As part of the HQA's responsibilities and in accordance with its legal framework, as laid down in Law 3374/2005 and Law 4009/2011, the Agency draws up and keeps a Register of Experts for the sole purpose of setting up panels of independent experts taking part in accreditation, evaluation and in general quality assurance processes.

The Register of Experts includes 4000 experts and is being gradually updated by the HQA, after public calls and suggestions by the institutions and other bodies relevant to the work of the Agency.

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Quality Data Management System

As part of the HQA’s responsibilities and in accordance with its institutional framework, the Agency, in 2015 developed the National Information System for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NISQA), which is structured in 5 subsystems: a) Data of Quality of Higher Education, b) Business Intelligence, c) Register of Experts, d) Accreditation Management, e) Internal Operation.

Following the implementation of the NISQA, the Agency studied, defined and standardised the quality data of institutions which are collected on an annual basis by the HQA through the information system.

The processing of the above primary data (all quality data refers to a specific academic and calendar year) resulted in the development of quality indicators which provide evidence about the performance of academic units in 5 areas:

  1. Teaching work
  2. Research and innovation
  3. Funding
  4. Human resources
  5. Infrastructure and services

Data and quality indicators` reports are available to Institutions, Evaluation and Accreditation Panels and are utilized in every quality assurance procedure.

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