Academic unit site visit

At an agreed time, defined jointly by the HQA, the members of the External Evaluation Committee and of the academic unit undergoing assessment, the Panel shall conduct a visit to the academic unit, following a specific program.

On the set date, the Chair or Head of the academic unit and members of the Self- Evaluation Group, along with the Chair of the Quality Assurance Unit, and representatives of the Administration of the Institution shall welcome at unit headquarters the members of the Committee, with whom they shall co-operate throughout the duration of the visit, in order to facilitate the Committee as necessary for the smooth and efficient performance of its work.

Available to the Committee by the representatives of the Academic Unit, shall be all the data gathered for the Self-evaluation Report, which reflects the operation of the academic unit and its members, as well as samples of written tests of various levels on different subjects, samples of student work, etc.

During the visit, the Committee or its members can request clarifications concerning all matters raised in the Self-Evaluation Report of the academic unit, can call for meetings with individual members of staff of the of the academic unit or with students and can visit all teaching and research premises after consultation with the persons in charge.