The Register of external experts

The HQA compiles and maintains a register of independent experts/evaluators on the basis of criteria defined in article 8 of Law 3374/2005 and forms committees of external evaluators specific to each academic discipline of the academic units and in collaboration with them.

The Register contains the names of eminent Greek and foreign scholars, professors in higher education institutes or distinguished researchers in research foundations in Greece or abroad, preferably with experience in evaluating higher education institutions, who are recommended by the Higher Education Institutions and the HQA, either on its initiative or at their own request. The Register also includes representatives of professional and other scholarly organisations who are in a position to assess the contribution of studies in the exercise of the profession, and who are recommended by the HQA, either on their own initiative or that of the related organisations. The recommendation or application must include complete details, so as to fulfil the preconditions for inclusion on the Register and their participation in an External Evaluation Committee. In each case, the HQA may request additional details or clarifications.

The Register is maintained according to academic discipline and categories of independent expert (Register of Greek independent experts, Register of foreign independent experts, Register of representatives of professional and other scholarly organisations).

The external experts are informed in detail and in depth by the HQA on the education system in Greece, the institution of quality assurance and the evaluation procedure, as well as the expected format of the External Evaluation Report.

As a guarantor of transparency, objectivity and independence, the HQA has decided that during the current first phase of the implementation of the procedure only university professors or researchers who work in institutions abroad be used.

The members of the HQA are to be excluded from the Register during their term of service with the Authority, as well as all types of research staff who are involved with the HQA in any way.

In order to evaluate the experts who are included on the Register, the HQA may form advisory committees for each academic discipline.