Internal evaluation

The Internal Evaluation concerns the formulation of judgment on the quality of the Academic Unit’s work during the corresponding period.

  1. The documented highlighting of the Academic Unit’s achievements
  2. The identification of areas that need improvement
  3. The identification of actions for improvement
  4. The adoption of initiatives for independent actions within the Unit, wherever and whenever this is possible
  5. Decision-making concerning independent actions within the Institution, wherever and whenever this is possible.

As determined by the law, “the internal evaluation report is taken into account by the official bodies during decision-making at all levels of Academic Unit or Institutional operations.” Decision-making at the level of the State normally requires the completion of the next stage, that of the External Evaluation.

Internal Evaluation is a regularly repeated and participatory process, which lasts for two consecutive semesters and is repeated at least every four years. It is basically a self-evaluation procedure, which gives the very identity of the Academic Unit as it reflects and highlights all areas of its operation, positive and negative, and documents the Unit’s ambitions. During the Internal Evaluation the most important finds are recorded, which result from the collation of the collected data with the participation of all the members of the Academic Unit, with respect to the existing and the desired level of quality and how to achieve it. The Internal Evaluation procedure is concluded with the preparation of the Internal Evaluation Report, which is approved by the Academic Unit and is then forwarded by the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) to the HQA.

The Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) appointed by the Academic Unit is responsible for coordinating the internal evaluation and preparing the Internal Evaluation Report. The IEG is not a permanent body of the Academic Unit. Its tenure is defined and valid only for the duration of the Internal and External Evaluation.