QAU internal report

On the basis of the Annual Internal Reports of each academic unit, every two years the QAU compiles the Institution’s Internal Evaluation Report. The QAU’s internal report is submitted to the higher collective organ of the Institution in order to highlight any operational problems and take the necessary measures to ensure and improve the Institution’s quality.

For the valid collection, processing and maintenance of crucial and vital data for documenting the information contained in the Internal Report and to process it so as to reach valid conclusions, the QAU is responsible for the creation and dissemination to the individual academic units of specific guidelines, methodologies and tools. In particular, it is responsible for developing mechanisms for, as far as possible, the automatic documentation, organisation and accessibility of the data without the intervention or further burdening of the Institution’s staff.

According to the above, the QAU is also responsible for:
  • the creation of a local information support system within the institution, which includes procedures for supporting the organisation of the evaluation with the option of uploading secure standardised data, as well as the reliable management of results and the publication of reports within the network. This local information system must be compatible with the operation, guidelines and standards issued by the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency (HQA).
  • the development of the methodological infrastructure for the evaluation system,
  • the creation of archive material for evaluation indicators per academic unit, HEI, etc.

In brief, the work of the QAU is primarily:
  • The promotion and dissemination within the Institution of quality assurance trends, prospects and practices.
  • Designing quality assurance systems and procedures and monitoring, coordinating and supporting the evaluation of the Institution’s academic units.
  • Analysing the results of the evaluation and preparing plans and proposals for the Institution’s higher collective organ regarding activities for improving the quality of its educational and research work and other services.
  • Maintaining a database with the data from the Annual Internal Reports as well as all other evaluation data for each academic unit/programme/service in the Institution.
  • Studying and presenting the standards of the services offered to students at the Institutional level (library, Internet services, careers office, European programmes office, sports facilities, student welfare, etc.).
  • Conducting research on the quality of the Institution’s programmes and services among graduates, employers, organisations, etc.
  • Disseminating information and techniques/practices relating to the improvement of the quality of the educational work and other services offered by the Institution, through all possible means.

In particular for the period 2009-2013 and as part of the ESPA action ‘QAU’ with code number, the QAU is invited to promote collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions and with the HQA for the programme "Development of a national system for the evaluation, quality assurance and documentation of Higher Education Institutions".