Data collection forms

The preparation of the Internal Evaluation Report or Self-Evaluation of the Academic Units requires the collection and systematic documentation in the Annual Internal Reports of specific information and data covering the full extent of the Academic Unit's activities. After the preparation of the first Annual Internal Report, an updating of data and information is required in the following years.

Clearly, the Teaching and Research Staff (DEP/EP) and all those who teach within the academic unit are the most important source of information for the evaluation of the educational work. The procedure can be significantly facilitated if the data collection and documentation is divided amongst the members of the teaching staff, each of whom may be required to complete (a) the data relating to the course/courses that they teach, and (b) the data from their personal scientific and research activities, on the basis of the two special Data Collection Forms, for Teacher and Course (the procedure is repeated every year in order to update the data; the course data collection forms are completed and collected every semester). The gathering of individual data in a uniform way will facilitate the composition of the Academic Unit’s collective work during the preparation of the Annual Internal Report and, eventually, the Internal Evaluation Report (some of these data may not be applicable to certain Academic Units, while it is possible that others may need to be included if this is necessitated by the specific nature of the scholarly discipline).

The collection and documentation of the data that concern the work and activities of the administrative, technical and other staff of the academic unit may be divided up in a similar way.

It should be underlined that the Data Collection Forms are completed for internal purposes and are useful for the Academic Unit in preparing the Annual Internal Reports as well as the Internal Evaluation Report, and are NOT used for evaluating the members of the Teaching Staff. The data and information that are eventually recorded in both the Annual Internal Report and the Internal Evaluation Report concern the overall activities of the unit.

The special Teacher and Course Data Collection Forms are designed to facilitate the collection and classification of the required data so that it can be used in the preparation of the collated data and information for the Annual Internal Report and, simultaneously, make the quality assurance procedure a matter for all the members of the academic unit. In each case, the IEG may supplement or adapt the Data Collection Forms in order to better respond to the operations of the Academic Unit.