Internal Quality Assurance System

In every institution of Higher Education an internal quality assurance system designed to cover the full range of functions and activities of the institution is formulated and implemented under the charge of and at the initiative of the relevant Quality Assurance Unit (QAU).

The Quality Assurance principles and criteria that should govern the basic functions of institutions of Higher Education in the EHEA and general guidelines for their implementation make up the First Part of the ESG. To assist Greek institutions of Higher Education in the formulation, adoption and implementation of their internal Quality Assurance system, these principles are analyzed one by one, and criteria, guidelines and assessment indicators are proposed for each of them in the Appendix of the present document. The main points assessed in the external assessment of the system are also highlighted.

It is worth noting that the main factor in the Quality Assurance system and procedures must be the greatest transparency possible. Both the Quality Assurance principles and procedures should be predetermined and widely publicized.