Institution external evaluation - Quality Assurance System accreditation

The terms and conditions of the composition of the External Experts Committee of and the external evaluation and accreditation procedures, of the Institution, are the responsibility of the HQA, as provided for by Article 70 of Law 4009/2011.

The process of evaluation responds to four key questions:
  1. Where does the institution wish to go?
  2. How does it plan to achieve its objectives?
  3. How does it evaluate of its effectiveness?
  4. How does it promote the changes necessary to improve its effectiveness?

The external evaluation leads to the drafting of the relevant Report submitted to the HQA and communicated to the institution’s Quality Assurance Unint, which may, within a specified period, make comments or register an objection. Comments shall be forwarded to the Committee by the HQA and shall be addressed at its sole discretion. Any objection shall be addressed by a special committee on objections.