External evaluation report

The Draft of the External Evaluation Report shall be drafted by the External Evaluation Committee after the visit (normally in English) and communicated via the HQA to the academic unit undergoing evaluation, which may in turn submit comments to the Committee through the HQA, within a deadline of 15 days from the date of communication of the Draft.

Observations of the unit undergoing assessment shall be forwarded by the HQA to the Committee, which shall make corrections or additions at its absolute discretion. The final Draft shall be forwarded by the Chair of the Committee to the Quality Assurance Unit of the Institution and, through there, to the academic unit that underwent evaluation, as well to the HQA, which shall arrange for its translation (in Greek or English respectively) and its publication.

External Evaluation Reports are published on the HQA website in a manner which allows visitors to store them on their computer and print them. The text of the Reports is published in the language in which it has been drafted and in any case in Greek, with the responsibility of HQA. In any case, in order for broader and substantial international publicity of the quality of Greek higher education to be achieved, the External Evaluation Report shall be published in English as well.

The cost of the translation of the External Evaluation Report shall be part of the HQA's budget.