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As part of the restructuring plan of Greek higher education carried out by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, and following the deliberation that preceded the publication of the draft ATHENA plan on 11/30/2012 the HQA submitted to the Ministry of Education a Methodological Approach Outline, defining the criteria for forming the conditions of restructuring higher education. After the initial publication and the following update of ATHENA restructuring plan by the Ministry of Education, the HQA submitted to the Minister of Education its opinion and supplementary opinion on the initial and updated plan on 03/08/2013 and 14/03/2013 respectively. 

Formulation of the national strategy for higher education

In 2015, the HQA prepared an opinion text on the formulation of a national strategy for higher education, as provided for in Law 4009/2011. The text was drafted following consideration of all the factors related to the operation and development of the national higher education system. The analysis made highlighted the system’s strengths and weaknesses, together with existing opportunities and risks in its external environment.

The opinion text is accessible by clicking on the following link.  

Opinion on the formulation of the national strategy for higher education

All HQA documents (in Greek) concerning the ATHENA restructuring plan are listed below for anyone interested.

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