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As part of the HQA's responsibilities and in accordance with its institutional framework, as laid down in Law 3374/2005 and Law 4009/2011, the Agency draws up and keeps a Register of Experts for the sole purpose of setting up panels of independent experts taking part in accreditation, evaluation and in general quality assurance processes.

The Register of Experts has been in use since the beginning of the HQA’s operation and has been gradually updated by the HQA staff taking into account suggestions of the institutions and their departments, the Agency’s members, and other bodies relevant to the work of the Agency.

With a view to ensuring extroversion and further expanding the Register, following the implementation of the National Information System for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, registration on the Register is now possible for all interested parties through a digital platform. By using that platform, the candidate can submit his/her application to register by filling in the required fields on his/her scientific and professional profile. Applications are examined by the Council of the HQA and interested parties are informed whether their application has been accepted or not.

The experts whose application has been approved are active members of the Register of Experts and can be selected to participate in accreditation panels according to the Agency’s criteria each time, which comply both with the Agency’s institutional operational framework and with the general principles of academic profile, impartiality and meritocracy.

The Register includes domestic and foreign scientists of an established reputation, professors teaching in higher education institutions, or distinguished researchers in domestic or foreign research institutions. Preferably the experts have prior experience in the accreditation and evaluation of institutions of higher education. The Register also includes representatives from professional or other scientific associations who can appreciate the contribution of studies to professional practice. 

Members of the Council of the Agency, as well as special scientific staff working with it in any way, cannot be included in the Register.


To register on the HQA Register of experts click here.



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