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The Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA) is an independent administrative authority which began its operations in 2006. Its mission is to ensure high quality in higher education. The Agency is governed by the President and the Council, which consists of 10 University and TEI Professors, and members representing non-academic research institutions, Chambers and students in Greece. The HQA is an independent body, overseen by the Minister of Education in regard to the legality of its actions and is responsible for quality assurance in higher education at national level.


Programme Accreditation

The accreditation process makes sure that the study programme offered by the institution meets all quality standards of the HQA and the institution, and that the performance and skills of the students graduating from this specific course (learning outcomes) are consistent with the intended professional qualifications that are required by society and the labour market.

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IQAS Accreditation

In order to ensure and continually improve the quality of each institution’s teaching and research work, as well as to ensure the effective operation and performance of its services, the internal quality assurance system must be developed in accordance with international practices, especially those of the European Higher Education Area.

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Institutions Evaluation

As part of its mission to ensure high quality in higher education in Greece, the HQA carried out the external evaluation of all Greek institutions of higher education (22 Universities and 14 TEIs) between October 2015 and July 2016. The final external evaluation reports were submitted by the experts in November 2016. The Agency processed then their outcomes.

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Register of Experts

The HQA compiles and maintains a register of independent experts/evaluators on the basis of criteria defined in Article 8 of Law 3374/2005 and forms committees of external evaluators specific to each academic discipline of the academic units and in collaboration with them.

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